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Factors to consider

When choosing the right type and grade of magnet there are certain factors to consider.

Cylinder - Ring - Block

Permanent magnets

Standard magnets of different sizes and grades. Alnico, Ferrite, Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt.

Neodymium (NdFeB)

Magnetic systems

The steel cup that surrounds these Neodymium magnets protects the magnet and helps to increase its force.


Magnetic systems

The outer layer of rubber helps to ensure a very high level of friction. Rubber-coated magnetic systems are only magnetic on one side.


Magnetic systems

Ferrite systems are cheaper than Neodymium systems and can cope with higher working temperatures. In addition, Ferrite magnets do not corrode.

Stainless steel

Magnetic systems

Encasing Neodymium or Ferrite magnets in stainless steel provides hard-wearing protection. These magnets are often used to trap metal during filtering and sorting.

Sheet - Roll - Paper - Tape

Flexible magnets

Soft and thin rubber magnets such as those used for learner driver plates or the magnetic strip on a shower door. Available in a variety of colours and with double-sided tape.

The LM range

Lifting magnets

Our very popular range of lifting magnets. Lifting capacity from 100 kg up to 2,000 kg with a triple safety factor.

Magnetic material brush

Magnetic sweeper

In one sweep, as easy to use as a normal brush, you can pick up all magnetic material and release it where you want.


Lightweight hindertavla with magnetic attachment

For you who need to mark track work or protect workplaces with A protection.