Efficient magnet assembly


As experts in magnet technology and production, we are proud to offer a customized solution for companies considering outsourcing their magnet assembly.

Here are some reasons why our services can be a strategic advantage for your company:


You minimize the need for internal resources and investment in specialized equipment, resulting in significant cost savings and increased profitability.

Many years of experience:

Based on your specific needs, we ensure high quality products and optimal results. Magnetfabriken has extensive experience in both production and assembly.

Quality assurance:

Each magnet assembly meets the highest quality standards and specifications.

Flexibility and scalability:

Whether it's small batches or large-scale production, we can handle it with precision and efficiency. Solutions are flexible and scaled to your needs.

Kit packaging:

Upon your request, we pack different necessary components in a single package to reduce the risk of missing parts and also reduce shipping costs. It will also be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than packaging all components individually.

Focus on the core business:

You free up valuable time and resources by allowing your team to focus on core business and strategic initiatives while we take care of the details of the installation.

With our commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, we create efficient and reliable magnet solutions.

Contact us to discuss which solution that will best optimize your magnet assembly process and thus strengthen your competitiveness in the market.

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