Choose the right magnet

We offer several types of magnets with various characteristics. Consult the information below to find the one that is right for you.

Moisture resistance

  1. Ferrite
  2. Alnico
  3. Samarium
  4. Neodymium

Working temp

  1. Alnico
  2. Samarium
  3. Ferrite
  4. Neodymium

Pulling force

  1. Neodymium
  2. Samarium
  3. Alnico
  4. Ferrite

Lowest price

  1. Ferrite
  2. Neodymium
  3. Alnico
  4. Samarium


Some magnets are quite sensitive to moisture, while others will never rust.


A high temperature can damage the magnet. Do not exceed the maximum working temperature.


There are a number of factors that contribute to a magnet’s strength. Biggest is not always strongest.


The further away a magnet is from the surface it needs to attach to, the weaker the force exerted.


Magnets have very little lateral force (shearing force). For that reason, we also supply rubber-coated magnets.

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